About Blackberry Cell Phone

Blackberry is one of the best selling cell phones around the world. From its launch date, it has won many people’s hearts, for its high taste, cool and stylish appearance, multifunction and so on.

The most basic blackberry model is straight cell phone with relatively big screen and many small keys and blackberry as like its name reflect that its reprehensive color is classic black, cool enough to attract many people’s attention. I should say blackberry is very suitable for the business people, no matter from its cool and stylish appearance, or its multifunction, blackberry can truly follow business people’s pace. And now, I would like to introduce one of the hottest blackberry cell phone at present, namely, Blackberry D9000 to everyone.

Blackberry D9000 is the first full keyboard mobile phones designed for the mass consumers in the world, it is pioneering compatible with the traditional keyboard input, which is closely keeping pace with the fashion, and what’s more, it can let more and more use blackberry cell phones. Its black and white appearance is beautiful and full of atmosphere, and it is made of high-priced imported molds. Blackberry D9000 achieves dual SIM features with the full keyboard for the first time, so it allows people to keep in touch with more people. What’s more, with one call key, people can easily find out the name pronunciation associative function. Furthermore, Blackberry D9000 is super slim, so it is easy to carry, and people can easily put it in the pocket or purse. With its super great battery, people can feel free to talk with others for up to 400 minutes, while its standby time is about 500 hours, long enough for people to face with any emergencies. Above all is the breakthrough for blackberry, so it is totally breaking blackberry’s bottleneck.

With Blackberry D9000’s 2.4 inch WQVGA true horizontal screen as well as its 240 plus 400 resolution, people can have clearer and bigger view. Although its memory is only about 200 M, yet its external memory, namely, its push-push T-flash card can support 2G extension, so people can totally relaxed about the small memory problem. And its camera is dual-cameras 0.3M pixels, which is big enough to support any normal shooting, and the back camera can be freely switched.

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