Are Lcd Or Led Tvs Better For Gaming?

When it comes to gaming through your TV rather than your PC, user expectations of sound and picture quality are higher than ever before and manufacturers of LCD and LED TVs are aware that they must deliver on both of these things if they are to be the number one choice in such a competitive market; so which type of television is better for gaming, LCD or LED?

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs are crystal clear thanks to their high resolution and those models which use an analogue input can be adjusted to the correct pixilation for the game you are playing or the DVD or Blu-Ray player which you are connecting to and playing films through. The high intensity of light produced using this technology makes for particularly bright images, which are effective in all light conditions but really come into their own in brightly lit rooms, a condition which can wash out images on standard CRT televisions.

As well as being brighter than CRT TVs, LCD TVs and LED TVs are both easier to watch and reduce the instances of eyestrain and resulting headaches thanks to screens that dont flicker. Choosing a quality television, such as a Samsung LCD TV, means that you will be able to watch television from almost anywhere in your room, as the screen can be viewed at up to a 160 degree angle, or 80 degrees either way from the centre point of the screen.

LED TVs are reliant on the LCD TV technology; LCD TVs are now available with LED backlighting which makes for an even clearer and crisper image as well as better blacks, which in turn mean better overall contrast. LCD TVs used to bow to the Plasma TVs superior viewing angle, but these days high quality models are virtually comparable and no longer present a barrier to purchase either for gaming or viewing purposes.

Samsung LED TVs have been hailed as some of the best affordable LED TVs on the market at the moment, with a better HD (High Definition) picture than many in the same price bracket, a better range of blacks and therefore better contrast and finally, better picture quality at acute viewing angles. When it comes to gaming, you want a large screen and viewing range, good quality sound output and high definition picture, high contrast between blacks and colours and a bright screen that allows for a good quality image in both bright lit rooms and dark rooms. LED TVs are probably on a par with LCD TVs for all of these requirements except one; a good quality LED TV will likely surpass a standard LCD TV in terms of brightness of image thanks to the hundreds of LEDs used to backlight the screen.

Choose an LED TV from Panasonic or a Samsung LCD TV online and get the best gaming experience for the best price.

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