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Atlas Collection Image
Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
PictionID:55545975 – Catalog:14_036767 – Title:GD/Astronautics Details: Acoustical Computer; Vibration Lab Overall Date: 05/11/1965 – Filename:14_036767.tif – —- Images from the Convair/General Dynamics Astronautics Atlas Negative Collection. The processing, cataloging and digitization of these images has been made possible by a generous National Historical Publications and Records grant from the National Archives and Records Administration—Please Tag these images so that the information can be permanently stored with the digital file.—Repository: San Diego Air and Space Museum

Image from page 107 of “hp :: terminal :: 02390-90001 2392A Display Terminal Reference Manual Apr1984” (1919)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: bitsavers_hpterminallayTerminalReferenceManualApr1984_8014250
Title: hp :: terminal :: 02390-90001 2392A Display Terminal Reference Manual Apr1984
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Subjects: terminal cursor mode display data configuration key escape character keyboard configuration menu terminal configuration function key display memory external printer host computer cursor position escape sequence user key escape sequences mode

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Text Appearing Before Image:
BATTERYHOLDER PORT 1 RS232C/HP422 CONNECTOR POWER CABLE CONNECTOR PORT 2 OPTIONAL MODULE RS232C or 8 BIT PARALLEL Figure 6-1. Terminal Rear View [ik—1 e e T pyu^^^ •^- *iH PORTFEMALE25-PINCONNECTOR HP 40242C/M/Y/ZCABLE RS232C 25-PIN CONNECTOR Interface cable to: 1. Host computer 2. Multiplexer panel on host computer

Text Appearing After Image:
HP 40242ACABLE 3. Modem 4. Modem bypass cable (HP I3222U) 6-6 Figure 6-2. Terminal Cabling (HP 40242 and 13222 Cables) HP2392A Data Communications INSTALLING A POINT-TO-POINT CONFIGURATION The terminals datacomm port may be connected to a computer via a 25-pin, femaleRS232C/HP422 compatible connector provided on the back of the terminal (see figure 6-1). CONFIGURING THE TERMINAL Once the physical connections between the terminal and the computer or modem are complete,the terminal can be configured. To configure the datacommunications portion of the terminal, first use the following keystrokesequence: [f8] [f3] [User System] , configkeys datacommconfig When you press the datacomm config ([f3]) function key, the datacomm configuration menucurrently stored in non-volatile memory appears on the screen and the function key labels changeto the following: [fl] [f2] [f3] [f4] SAVECONFIG NEXTCHOICE PREVIOUSCHOICE DEFAULTVALUES [f5] [f6] [fl] m DISPLAYFUNCTNS configkeys Note that if you have no

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