Australian machine gunners returning from the trenches

A few nice Digital Camera images I found:

Australian machine gunners returning from the trenches
Digital Camera
Image by National Library of Scotland
Australian machine gunners marching along a road. The two men in front are carrying machine guns over their shoulders. All of the men are carrying equipment and wearing steel helmets. Marching in the opposite direction, there is a line of soldiers with pickaxes. Most of the men are looking at the camera and smiling. The road they are on is dry and dusty, and scattered with objects including an abandoned boot in the foreground. Rolls of barbed wire line the side of the road.

At the outbreak of World War I, Australia created an overseas force called the Australian Imperial Force. Initially sent to Egypt for training in 1914, whilst there they joined forces with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force to become the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, otherwise known as ANZAC.

[Original reads: ‘Australian machine gunners returning from the trenches.’]