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The Canon SD1300IS 12 MP Digital Camera is a very nice point and click digital camera when it is compared to others in its price range. It comes with a 28mm wide-angle lens which has 4 x optical zoom and comes complete with image stabilization. It comes with a 2.7 inch display and 12.1 megapixel resolution.


The sleek, ergonomic design is very touchable in a matt finish and a range of colors. It is quite a handy size and easy to transport with the wrist strap provided. The camera comes complete with a lithium-ion battery, battery charger, USB connecting cable and the AV cable. Software is also included on a handy CD provided.


The AV cable is also a very nice addition. Many of these cameras do not come with an AV cable included and it is extremely useful for indoors, where there is easy access to a power cable. Very handy when you are making your own YouTube animations or for a children’s birthday party.


Do not forget that a flash card will come in very handy. The camera’s internal memory will not last you for very many photos. So in order to avoid disappointment when you get it home, it is a very good idea to purchase a separate flash card. As all good computer geeks will tell you: buy as much memory as you can afford. A nice large 8GB card will let you take up to a half hour long movie.


If you are comparing it with its predecessor, the Canon SD1300IS 12 MP Digital Camera, then you will see that there are many similarities. The buttons are arranged the same way on both cameras. There is no view finder once again to make way for the larger display. This could take some getting used to if you are used to holding the camera close to your face to shoot.


But once you overcome the feeling of holding it out at arm’s length to take a photo, it starts to come very naturally. It is also a distinct advantage in some cases that you are able to see the scene and your subjects can see your face, especially if they are little children.


The power button has been made larger and is in a convenient and prominent position, like a little bubble on top of the camera. This feels natural and very easy to use. It is in a very good position for quick access and is now much easier to operate. One problem may be that it could switch itself on in your pocket or bag. It would be terrible to arrive somewhere and find your camera full of pictures of the inside of your pocket and your batteries down!


Battery tests on this Canon SD1300IS 12 MP Digital Camera provided over 400 photos in standard conditions with well over half the battery power still remaining. This is better performance than many of the previous Canons and can only be a step in the right direction. For average home use, this is a perfect camera for ease of use, convenience and speed.

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