Best Kodak digital camera for holiday


Kodak is well known name in the camera industry. Kodak digital cameras are regarded as the best ones in the market by photography professionals. Kodak launched an efficient digital camera with the name Kodak Easyshare C182. This camera is great option for the beginners who want easy operations in their camera.

This Kodak digital camera is a 12 megapixel “point-and-shoot” type camera. This large resolution of the camera allows you to shoot clear and crisp pictures. Picture quality delivered by this camera is stunning. After all, this is Kodak product! Beside its good resolution, it also features a large 3.0 inches 960 x 240 pixels color TFT LCD screen. This screen is capable of 230K pixels resolution. This large screen lets you view clear and larger images before you shoot them.

Kodak Easyshare C182 also features 3X zoom lens along with 5x digital zoom lens system. As a result, it offers 15x zoom capability. You can have stunning prints of the size up to 30 x 40 inches. This camera is designed with latest technology. It includes the features like multi-scene shooting mode. Add to this, you can shot telephoto and the wide angle shots too. Kodak Easyshare C182 can be the excellent choice for the people who do not know much about photography techniques. This camera comes loaded with several preset scene shooting modes to choose from. These preset scene mode include landscape, night landscape, portrait, night portrait, snow, beach, panorama L-R, panorama R-L, text, museum, manner, backlight, fireworks, children, high ISO, sunset, self-portrait and candlelight.

This camera is mainly designed for the non-professional users. For this reason, it is designed with intuitive and simple-to-use interface. This camera from Kodak is equipped with very strong memory; 16 MB of internal memory. It can store 11 MB for still picture storage. In addition, you can expand its memory up to 32-GB, using its microSD / SDHC memory card slot. Still pictures, shot in True HD quality and 16:9 formats, are stored in JPEG/EXIF v2.21 format.

Kodak Easyshare C182 from Kodak is equipped with other features like Smart Capture. This feature allows the camera to identify the scene automatically and adjust the camera setting accordingly. This helps great picture quality in any kind of environment. Another feature is Blue Reduction. This feature allows the camera to take clearer and sharper pictures by reducing the effect of camera shake. It also has KODAK EASYSHARE system which allows you to share your pictures by just pressing share button.

Kodak Easyshare C182 can be your companions to your holidays, family gatherings and other important events of your life. It is available at very affordable prices.

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