Blackberry Cell Phone

Blackberry is a radio hand-held mail-receiving terminal device invented by Research in motion corporation or called RIM in short.

As it adopts a standard QWERTY English keyboard with each key shaped like seeds of strawberry, it got its name as blackberry. Meanwhile, such device in its late versions of production has been added with functions that a cell phone has. Later on, it has been called blackberry cell phone worldwide.

However, a blackberry cell phone is more than a cell phone. It also provides functions and services, such as mail setting, software operation interface, terminal and Push Mail.

Blackberry movable mail device is based on two-way pager technology. The device is connected to the server from RIM corporation. It relies on a specific server software and terminal in conjunction with the existing radio data links to make it possible that e-mails can be received any time across the North America.

The early blackberry cell phones tend to use Intel 80396 processor, with D9000 blackberry cell phone equipped with Intel XScale 624 MHz CPU. The blackberry cell phones of the 8000 series use ARM XScale ARMv5TE PXA900 312MHz CPU, such as D8700 blackberry cell phone and Pearl. However, it is exceptional that blackberry D8707 uses Qualcomm 3250 80 MHz chip pack as ARMv5TE ARM XScale PXA900 chip pack does not support 3G network. That is why D8707 blackberry with a 80MHz processor actually adopts EDGE network which runs slower.
Running faster than any other versions of blackberry cell phones, D9000 blackberry has been overwhelmingly dubbed the cell phone queen. It features with a broad phone body and an appropriately-spaced keyboard. For users with a pair of big hands, it gives the most comfortable experience of holding it in the hands. As a commercially-purposed cell phone, D9000 blackberry has a fashion-looking appearance with a full keyboard. The magnificent-looking body and its back are made with leather. Equipped with Blackberry OS v4.6 system, D9000 blackberry enjoys a powerful software which promises the best commercial performance. Additionally, the integration of Wi-Fi technology and Blue tooth technology into it makes it more practical for most users. It has a 2.8 inch TFT display with a resolution of 480×320 pixels and a camera with a definition up to 2 million pixels.

With all its beneficial features and functions, it has gained an increasing popularity at dealextreme. There is no doubt that it is the queen of cell phones even at dealextreme.


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