Brooklyn Computer Scam

My husband and I recently shifted to Brooklyn 5 months ago. I got this new job here and my husband is probably the most supportive guy to leave his well settled life with amazing paying job and come all the way here from Cambridge. He got really settled her. Our neighbors are very helpful and friendly. I absolutely loved living here and I was glad that I made this decision until I had been scammed by the tech support people. We decided to a buy a computer and a warranty from Tiger Support. During the warranty period only, the hard drive went really bad. We called the Tiger Support and without listening to me he referred me the number of Warranty Support for repairing. When I called them up, they transferred our call to Capital Computer Support. I kept on howling about my problem but they already transferred me by that time. After I got connected to the Capital Computer Support, the call said the number is not functioning anymore. What the heck was that? After many weeks of calling both Tiger Direct and Warranty Support I still couldnt get my computer repaired. From both the entities I got to hear that they would call us back but they didnt. After 2 weeks the Tiger Support called us up, I explained him the problem to which he replied that my hard drive got viruses in it and those were very harmful. He also asked me to pay $ 100 to get it fixed. He said my hard drive wasnt warranted and insisted me to pay instantly. I completely panicked with the virus and the warranty thing that I decided to pay them to get rid of that mess. I had to write a mail to them with my account details and the value and the permission to charge from my card. They assured to help me right after they receive the mail. Right after I sent the mail the call got disconnected somehow. That was really weird. I was wondering that whether I have been fooled or not. So I called up the Tiger Support people and I got to know that my problem is still on hold and they havent called me yet. After listening to that I was almost scattered into pieces.

I was highly disappointed. I spent $ 100 for nothing. I couldnt believe it. We were so helpless in this new city. It was not even a year here and I had already been scammed. We couldnt do more but buying a new hard drive spending some more amount as we really needed one. Though I will buy a new one but I will lose all my saved data in the earlier one. So my husband consulted few of his office mates about our situation and also asked where to buy the hard drive from. His boss heard the problem and guided us to a company called iYogi. His boss said that iYogi is the one that could really help us. So this time we called up a new company but the best part is that we didnt expect anything to be better. I was firmed about not paying anything to iYogi. Our call got connected to this technician who seemed very professional and well versed. I explained him my problem and trust me right in an hour he solved my problem performing few steps. I was surprised and amazed. I was such a fool to pay those jerks $ 100. I also sent iYogi an appreciation mail writing how glad I was to take their support. I could again now use my computer will all my saved data in place.

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