Cell Phone Battery Life

Today, a majority of people around the world are using cellphones. As the pace of business and life is increasing day by day, there is a crucial need for being in touch with other people, which is efficiently carried out with the use of mobile phones. It is certain that if a cell phone is used for a substantial amount of time, it tends to give some problems. One of the most frequently occurred problems is weak cell phone battery life. And as everyone of us know that without the battery, we cannot do a thing on the device. If you want to extend cell phone battery life, you can keep some simple things in mind and make the battery power last longer than it normally does.

Tips to Extend Cell Phone Battery Life

Switch off Bluetooth and WiFi
Many a times it so happens that we forget to switch off the Bluetooth or the WiFi on our mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), and finally notice that out battery has run down. Remember that these utilities are features which drain out a significant amount of battery power. So when not in use, simply turn them off.

Lower the Screen’s Brightness Level
As in laptop computers, the brightness of the screen also has an impact on the amount of battery power used. Brighter the screen, more the battery consumed. If you want to run the battery power for a substantial amount of time, you will have to access the display settings of your cellphone and set the screen brightness to an appropriate level. After making the display settings, ensure that you are able to view the matter on the screen clearly.

Consider Power Saving Settings
In most cell phones, there are power saving settings present. There are options which allow you to set the screen-saver and back-light timeout. These are certainly small things, but they do have a very large impact on the cell phone battery life.

Disable Keypad and Warning Tones and Vibration
Other things you need to take in mind are to disable the keypad and warning tones, and also the vibration if possible. If it is absolutely necessary, you may keep the warning tones active. In a majority of cases, it is fine if you do not keep the vibration mode on. In quiet places, you surely can identify a call or an SMS with only the ring tone.

Close Unneeded Applications
In most advanced cell phones, especially in PDAs; there are programs running in the background which do not have any link with the current operations on the interface. These applications are hidden when you abruptly press the ‘Menu’ button, without first closing them. You can do a lot of battery power saving by turning such unnecessary applications off.

Do not Overcharge the Battery
Keep any eye on the charging time and intervals. Always make it a point to disconnect the cell phone from the charger after the battery is fully charged. Overcharging the battery will degrade its durability and life. It is also not a good idea to charge the battery everyday. You can charge it every alternate day. Read more on how to increase cell phone battery life.

These are few guidelines that are to be followed if you want to extend cell phone battery life. If you are planning to buy a new battery, do not even think of cheap cell phone batteries, as they will not only perform below par, but will also have an adverse effect on the mobile phone.


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