Cell Phone Friend Or Foe

I mean really just look around and you will see that more and more people cant have a discussion or answer your question because they are talking or texting. Sometimes I love having my cell so I can save time and money by checking to see what is needed for dinner but really do we need to be locked into the darn things? Some place a made laws that we are not to be on phones while driving and some law abiding people dont but still there are some who just cant live without phoning while driving. That in itself would be just the way society is changing but when it impacts our health and makes us ill with brain and mouth tumors than it time to wake up. The research is not totally clear yet to prove that cell phones are the cause of behavioural problem in children, migraines and tumors but why wait for the shoe to fall before you act. I know some people say its a bunch of bunk because they dont feel anything. Or even worse if I cant see it, it doesnt exist mentality that will surely get us into trouble in the end. Kids are tuff and dont want anyone to curb their cell use but until cell phone can be made safe we have a responsibility to our kids to keep the phone use down and use tips below to reduce the radiation exposure. We can lead by example and help ourselves too.
Check out the list of options and see which ones you can adopt just for the heath of it.
Buy a low radiation phone replace your phone with a safer unit. See the Environmental Working Groups cell phone radiation list to see if you have a high radiation phone. (eg Blackberry, Motorola, Sprint models)
Text more talk less your phone emits less radiation when you text and texting also keeps the phone away from your head. If you are getting headaches or blurred vision then run, dont walk to a cell phone company that sells low radiation phones and adapt your phone use according to this article.
Use a headset or speaker – headsets emit less radiation than phone so use wireless or headset and take it off when not in use because some even emit low radiation when not in use. Using your phone in speaker mode also helps reduce the radiation you are exposed to. See our friends at EWG again for a list of which units give off less radiation.
Hold the phone away from your body especially the soft body tissue that absorbs radiation so easily. Dont keep it in your pocket or on your belt when you are talking and park it away from your body in your car too.
Bad signal then get off the phone make and take calls only when your phone has a good strong signal. Low signal means more radiation is needed to get the signal from the tower.
Limit childrens use young childrens brains absorb twice as much radiation as do adult brains. Reduce or eliminate phone use except perhaps for emergencies. Some countries are now passing laws that protect small children from cell phone use.
Listen more talk less – your phone emits radiation when you talk or text but not when you are listening. You know the old saying: we were given two ears to listen and only one mouth to talk with so we must need to listen twice as much as we talk. With your cell phone that is very true.
Dont use radiation shields dont bother getting a radiation shield such as antenna caps or keyboard covers. They reduce the connection quality and force the phone to transmit at higher power and thus higher radiation.
Be ahead of the wave and take precautions to reduce your radiation exposure. I know cells or something like them are here to stay but we need to protect ourselves too. You tell me friend or foe?

Natural Health Consultant

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