Cell Phone Lithium Battery

Cell phone lithium batteries mainly by the plastic shell from top to bottom cover. Lithium batteries, the protection circuit board (PCB) and the recoverable fuse (polyswitch) component. Some manufacturers also equipped with NTC, identifying resistance, vibration components such as motors or charging circuit.

The various parts of the following functions:

(1) Lithium batteries: provides charge-discharge power supply.

(2) to protect circuit board (PCB): to prevent short-circuit the battery overcharge and over discharge.

(3) Recoverable fuse (PTC): is thermal resistance also play a role in high-temperature protection is to protect the circuit board after the double failure protection.

(4) Recoverable fuse (NTC): Negative thermal resistance of the battery internal temperature sensors play a low-temperature protection.

(5) to identify resistance: identification of original equipment batteries can not be used non-original batteries.

Lithium battery features lithium-ion battery performance of the main advantages are:

1, high specific energy. With a high stored energy density, has now reached 460-600Wh/kg, is a lead-acid battery is about 6-7 times;

2, long service life, service life can reach more than 6 years, lithium iron phosphate as cathode batteries 1CDOD charge-discharge, there are 10,000 records can be used;

3, rated voltage is high (monomer operating voltage of 3.7V or 3.2V), approximately equal to three Ni-Cd or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in series voltage battery power to facilitate the composition of groups;

4, with high-power endurance, in which electric vehicles using lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries can reach 15-30C charge-discharge capacity, easy to launch high-intensity acceleration;

5, self-discharge rate is very low, which is the superiority of the battery, one of the most prominent current generally be 1% / month less than nickel-metal hydride batteries 1 / 20;

6, light weight, is about the same volume under the weight of lead-acid products, 1/5-6;

7, high and low temperature adaptive strong, can be -20 – 60 context of its use, after handling craft can be used in -45 environment;

8, green environmental protection, regardless of the production, use and end of life, do not contain, nor have any lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic heavy metals and substances harmful.

9, the production of basic non-consumption of water, on the water shortage our country, very favorable.

Refers to the specific energy per unit weight or unit volume of energy. With the specific energy Wh / kg or Wh / L to represent. Wh is a unit of energy, W is watts, h is the hours; kg is 1000 grams (weight units), L is liters (volume units).

Lithium batteries Disadvantages:

1, lithium primary cells exist in poor security, there is the risk of explosion.

2, lithium cobalt oxide lithium-ion batteries can not be high-current discharge, the security is poor.

3, lithium-ion battery protection circuit is required to prevent over-discharge the battery is overcharging.

4, the production conditions of high demand, high cost.

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