Cell Phone Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Is it possible to do a cell phone reverse phone number lookup without paying? The truth is, not usually. There are “free sites”-the problem is that they almost never give you the info you need.

Why “free sites” don’t work

Their databases are very tiny and the only numbers you will find in there are people who’ve given them their cell number to be able to search the database. The percentage of the total numbers that are in there is very tiny.

The risks with using a “free site”

Worst yet, you have to give them your number and other contact info to access their system; if you do this then you can expect to soon get buried with unwanted marketing calls and emails. Any site that claims to be able to let you get cell numbers for free is lying because this info is only available by paying the cell phone companies a lot of money.

There’s a reason so many companies today are making money with reverse cell phone lookup-the info is not available for free. If they didn’t charge you then they would be taking a huge loss which is obviously not going to happen. If you want to get the info then you will have to pay some money.

How much does it cost?

Don’t worry-it’s not all that pricey and if you play your cards right you can get the info you want for just $ 15-30.

How to avoid the scams

First make sure that you can do a free search and verify the number you want is in their database before you have to pay them. They will not give you all their info with this; usually they will just return the city the number is located in and nothing else.

However, you can at least make sure they have the number. Therefore, you don’t have to pay them before you even know whether or not they will provide the necessary data.

They should either allow you to do a free search or offer a money back guarantee; any cell phone reverse phone number lookup company that doesn’t do this doesn’t have a database at all. Once you pay them you will never hear from them again.

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