Cell Phone Tapping

Cell phone tapping is a very common practice now a days. There are many reasons to tap your cell phone or someone elses. You can buy cell phone tapping software for a very good price. It only takes a few minutes to install this software on a mobile phone. Cell phone tapping software is one of the best inventions made to date for phones. Wether you want to use this software on your phone or someone elses, you must have this software.

Here are some common reasons to use cell phone spying software.

1. Reading text messages:
This software will allow you to read all of the text messages on a mobile phone. You will even be able to read the deleted text messages if they were sent after installing the software. This is great to keep logs of your own text messages or to see what someone else is doing on their phone.

2. Monitor incoming and outgoing calls:
You will be able to see who is calling the mobile, and how long they are talking. This is great for storing logs of your calls, or to see who is calling your spouse, kids or employees. You can also see the numbers the phone is dialing out to.

3. GPS location:
This is one of the best features. You can see where the phone is at. When accessing this software from a computer, it will even show you a map where the phone is. This is perfect for stolen or lost phones.

4. Access to emails:
You will be able to access every email that comes in or goes out. You will be able to see everything that is being said in the emails. This is also good for storing a back up copy of your emails.

5. Website addresses:
You can see every website that has been visited from the mobile phone. You can easily save the websites from your mobile to your computer. This is great to see what websites kids are accessing when your not around.

6. Photos:
You can see any photos that are taken from the phone. The software makes great backups of the photos taken from your mobile. If you have ever wondered what you spouse or kids have been taking photos of, you will no be able to see.

The cell phone tapping software is mainly advertised to catch cheating spouses, but there are so many other things you can do with this mobile spyware. It’s great for cell phone location tracking. It’s always good to have a backup of your emails, calls, and text messages. It will also help you keep on eye on your kids, and your spouse.

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