Cell Phone Tower

Cell phone tower which is also known as base tower or cell site is a fixed installation that works as a link between cell phones and wireless network. The installed structure of a cell phone tower gets antennas and various communication equipments mounted on its radio mast. This process helps in the creation of cell that is used for establishing cellular network.

Important constituents of a cell phone tower are sets of receivers, transceivers, transmitter, control electronics, digital signal processors, GPS receiver (meant for timing), electrical power supply and sheltering. Sets of some equipment can vary depending on the service type such as GSM or CDMA.

It is very easy to spot cell phone towers. They are free-standing and elevated installations. Average height of a cell tower can range between 50 feet and 200 feet. Mostly, cell tower structures are based on the ground. However, some towers are found to be installed atop buildings and other structures, as well.

Generally, the structure of a cell phone tower uses steel grids in its making. This type of tower is known as lattice tower. Lattice tower is very common. You can spot many in your locality. Apart from it, other popular types of cell phone tower are monopole tower, guyed tower and camouflage tower.

Camouflage tower is the most unique of all types of cell phone towers. This type of cell phone tower is installed mainly because of local opposition and safety as well as health concerns. While installing a camouflaged cell tower, no man-made structure is required to erect. Concerned cell phone service providing companies use palm trees and pine trees to have transmitting and communication equipments mounted on these trees.

In order to install their cell phone towers, cell phone service providing companies look for private properties. These companies lease out private property through agreement and install their cell towers to meet the requirements of growing traffic. People who have property find it a wonderful option to lease out their portion of land in exchange of permanent income.

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