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Cellphoneshopper.net has got tons of mobile phone reviews and they are designed to help you with your cell phone shopping. This blog reviews all the latest handsets that have come in to the market. The reviews are written in such a way, that heavy technical language is avoided so that everyone can understand it easily. Heavy technical language is avoided. Everyone is talking about sprint htc evo 4g and the blog has covered it too. The author of this blog says that the sprint htc evo 4g has improved a lot on performance front. The design too is sexier. The Retina display is better than screen on any other phone. The OS 4 update brings plenty of features with it. But there are some tradeoffs with respect to multitasking. You can put just 12 apps on the home screen of sprint htc evo 4g.There are some attenuation issues with the antenna .On the service providers side, there are a few problems with the reception which needs to be addressed in order to make the phone calls smoother. In the end, the author says that sprint htc evo 4g is a very powerful argument when it comes to war of the smart phones. The loaded feature set and the attractive design would make it hard to any reviewer not to recommend this phone. Samsung cell phones too are really popular in the market. This company recently launched Samsung Gravity 3. It is a predecessor to Gravity 2 and has plenty of features for messaging enthusiasts. There is Exchange e-mail support, Web mail, and full QWERTY keyboard and TeleNav turn by turn directions. The phone doesn’t have a headset jack so you won’t be able to plug the set in your ears. You can just hear it from the built in speakerphone. Lack of a headset jack is really disappointing since even basic Samsung cell phones have one. Finally, the author says that the QWERTY keyboard on the phone along with messaging features is enough for most messaging phone enthusiasts. There are a few advanced features too which act like an icing on the back. The cost of this phone is $ 50 and you have to sign a two year service agreement. This device is recommended for people who want to be one step behind smartphone. In the Palm Pixi review, the author says that the handset is made for people who haven’t used smartphone before. There are plenty of features and yet the package is sleek. The price is a little high though and it needs to come down if it is to compete with other phones in the market. The author, in his Palm Pixi review also said that there are cheaper phones in the market which give you all these features and hence it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on it. These three are just some of the cell phones reviewed on the blog. You can visit the blog for more such reviews.

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