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Trying to find the cheapest cell phone plan almost requires a university degree. That’s because the people who put together these plans have degrees in marketing and business administration. They are involved in a cutthroat business world where they have to balance highly competitive pricing with making a profit. For this reason, one provider will offer a great deal on one of their plans, but another will offer a better deal on another. It can get very confusing for the average consumer.

When you read about the cheapest cell phone plan on a contract basis, the provider will emphasize all of the more enticing aspects of their deal. For example, they will tell about how you can have unlimited minutes at no extra charge between the hours of 7pm and 7am. That may sound like one of the cheapest cell phone plans, but is it? For some people, who use their phones a lot at night, it may be. Others may rarely use their phones at night. They should be looking for the cheapest plan at the daytime rates.

Now think about the length of the contract and if long contract deals are really the cheapest cell phone plans. Most contracts go for two years and get cheaper the more phones you put on the same contract. The first phone might be $ 70 and subsequent lines only $ 20. That’s great! You can hook up the entire family at that rate and really save. However, make sure you are aware of the early termination fees before you make your decision. If you decide you want to switch, especially within the first six months or so, before the savings have really added up, you may end up losing or at best breaking even as compared to another plan.

Many frequent cell phone users consider unlimited plans to be the cheapest cell phone plans. They do cost more, but you always know how much it’s going to be and needn’t worry when those “quick calls” to a friend last for an hour. Make a realistic assessment of your phone usage. Those extra minutes can really add up over the course of a month. And don’t forget about email and other internet services, if you use your phone for those.

People who have had both unlimited plans and contract deals are the best ones to ask what the cheapest cell phone plans are. They are the ones who have had real-time experience with them both. If the people you talk to on the phone the most recommend one or the other, chances are that plan will be the best for you. Almost inevitably, those who spend a lot of time using their phones and smart phones will recommend unlimited deals as the cheapest cell phone plans, while those who predominantly text and only make short phone calls prefer a simple plan.

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