Choosing the Right Digital Camera

Photography is probably one of the most popular hobbies of all times. It does not need much time and also keeps one engaged. It also keeps the person close to the nature as one captures vivid images of nature, wildlife, scenic beauty, snaps of family and friends, festivals, fairs and also landscapes.

Capturing the most precious moments of family life such as birth of a newborn baby, your baby’s first smile, first steps and enjoying them later is truly a priceless experience. One does not need an expensive camera to follow the hobby. But capturing the precious moments can be richly rewarding if one chooses the device with care. Nowadays pocket digital cameras are available that can easily turn anybody into a photographer.

When choosing a digital camera, one should always remember that 7-10 megapixels are good enough for regular use unless one wants to print posters. Normally a 6 megapixel camera captures an image with a resolution of 2000 pixels in height and 3000 pixels in width. For a family album or a collage one needs to print a 4 inch by 6 inch or at the most 5 inch by 7 inch. It should have a range of at least 10 x to 12 x. to give flexibility. Today different manufacturers provide various options to choose from.

Always search for an optical zoom rather than a digital zoom. The preprogrammed scene mode that comes in digital cameras is very useful for amateurs who do not have an idea about exposure settings. Always choose a memory card with a higher read and write speed. The camera should have an optical image stabilizer as it reduces blurring of images from shaking of hands. It should also have a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

It is always best to invest in a better quality digital camera as it is cost effective in the long run. Once an image is clicked, it can be downloaded on to the computer and stored in a separate folder. After the image is stored on the computer, the snaps can be deleted from the camera to create more memory space for future use.

It is also good to use a digital camera as it comes with an LCD screen which makes it easier to select the photographs that are to be kept in the camera. If a photograph has not turned out well, it can be clicked once again at the same place.

People nowadays take up photography as a favorite pastime after retirement. It is a good form of outdoor exercise as it keeps the person on the toes to click images of nature and wildlife. The person engaged in photography also enjoys and can visit different destinations to capture special moments.

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