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Image from page 223 of “Bell telephone magazine” (1922)
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Identifier: belltelephonemag4344amerrich
Title: Bell telephone magazine
Year: 1922 (1920s)
Authors: American Telephone and Telegraph Company American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Information Dept
Subjects: Telephone
Publisher: [New York, American Telephone and Telegraph Co., etc.]
Contributing Library: Prelinger Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
Theodore B. Merrill, Jr. He was graduated from the University ofMichigan with a B.S., and also did graduatework there. Prior to joining Business Week,he worked on other publications in the indus-trial and technical fields. 15 Some day soon you may be able to pusha few buttons on your phone and talkto a computer at a bank or otherestablishment. The result: dramaticsimplification of many everyday tasks BANKING BYPHONE

Text Appearing After Image:
Bell System exhibit used at the Miami conven-tion of the American Bankers Association. ^ Look with us a little way into thefuture and imagine a typical house-wife sitting by her telephone in a typicalhome. She reaches for the phone, whichhas push-buttons instead of the rotarydial, taps a few of the buttons, waits, tapsa few more, then hangs up and walksaway without speaking into the phoneat all. What was she doing? Why, she just paid a department storebill! By tapping the buttons on herTOUCH-TONE® push-button phone shecalled her banks computer, gave thecomputer her personal checking accountnumber, told the computer to credit thedepartment stores account with a cer-tain sum and debit her account by thesame amount. Thats all she needed todo. There was no check to write, no en-velope to address or stamp to lick —nothing to drop in the mail box. This, of course, is a glimpse of thefuture—but, as we shall shortly see, afuture that may not be very far away. A few weeks ago, for example

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