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IBM 360 Computer System (MSA)
Image by MissouriStateArchives
Collection Name: Commerce and Industrial Development Photograph Collection

Photographer/Studio: Unknown

Description: Office scene showing IBM machines.

Coverage: United States – Missouri

Date: ca. 1960s

Rights: Copyright is in the public domain.

Credit: Courtesy of Missouri State Archives

Institution: Missouri State Archives

Image from page 72 of “Trigonometria” (1658)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: trigonometria00newt
Title: Trigonometria
Year: 1658 (1650s)
Authors: Newton, J.
Contributing Library: The Computer Museum Archive
Digitizing Sponsor: Gordon Bell

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Text Appearing Before Image:
BRITANNIC A The Second Part of the Second Book. Of Spherical Triangles.

Text Appearing After Image:
t*m^~->* CHAP. I. Aving done with Plain triangles, we come nexttotfic dimenfiocof the Spherical. i A Spherical triangle, is that which is defcribedon the furfaceof the Sphere. 2 The (ides of a Spherical triangle arc arches of three of thegreateft circles of the Sphere, mutually intcrfecting each other. ? The mcafures of Spherical angles, are arches of the greateftcircles defcribed from the angular points at their poles, and surJten-ding their angles.4 Thofe are the greateft circles which bifeff the fpherc.5- Thofe circles which cut each other at right angles, one ofthem pafTeth, through the poles of the other ; and the contrary. 6 The diftance of the poles of two great circles, is equal to the angle comprehended bythem. And the contrary. Therefore, 7 The three angles of any fpherical triangle being given, there are alfo three fides of ano-ther triangle given, whofe angles are equal to the fides of the former triangle, and the contrary. Only note-, that the comylemeuts of the greate

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