Cool Digital Camera images

Some cool Digital Camera images:

Wall surrounding Santo Domingo
Digital Camera
Image by The Field Museum Library
Wall surrounding Santo Domingo. People. Man with a bellows camera and tripod over his shoulder. 1899.

Name of Expedition: Allison V. Armour Expedition
Participants: Charles F. Millspaugh, Edward P. Allen, Edward S. Isham Jr.,Jordan L. Mott Jr.
Expedition Start Date: December 21, 1898
Expedition End Date: March 11, 1899
Purpose and Aims: Plant collecting and photography for Botany in the Bermuda, Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Yucatan.
Vessel Name: Utowana (Yacht, Sailboat)
Location: Central America, Haiti, Santo Domingo

Original material: 4×5 inch glass negative
Digital Identifier: CSB4379

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Group of German prisoners with the regimental pet that was captured at Poelcapple
Digital Camera
Image by National Library of Scotland
German prisoners posing for the camera. In the middle of the group there is a dog, probably a pet or mascot. All of the men are in uniform. Whilst the majority of them look sombre, one or two manage a smile.

The slang British term used here for German, ‘Hun’, gained popular usage after Kaiser Wilhelm II urged his troops to ‘behave like Huns’ to win the war. The Battle of Broodseinde (October 1917) was part of a larger offensive – the third Battle of Ypres -engineered by Sir Douglas Haig to capture the Passchendaele Ridge.

[Original reads: ‘OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN ON THE BRTITISH WESTERN FRONT. BATTLE OF BROODSEYNDE [sic] RIDGE. A group of German prisoners with the regimental pet that was captured at Poelcapple [sic]. Scene in a prisoners’ camp near Ypres. Nearly 5,000 Huns were captured.’]

Observer watching his parachute being packed
Digital Camera
Image by National Library of Scotland
Observation parachute being packed away, France, during World War I. The men in this picture are intent on the work in hand, to the point where they are unaware of the camera and photographer. This may not have been a lifestyle or job these men were used to back home, but here they are working with purpose and unity to complete this task. Although not a verbal record of the war experience these images are a detailed and varied testament to trench life.

[Original reads: ‘OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT IN FRANCE. R.F.A. kite balloons are the eyes of our guns in France. The observers are highly trained men & when their balloons are shelled or attacked by enemy aircraft they are forced to make rapid descents in parachutes. These parachutes must be kept in perfect working order. An observer watching his parachute being packed.’]