Givori – Luxurious Cell Phones

Givori is an Italian luxury cell phone brand name which specializes in mobile art, using high quality materials and products to create a fashion accessory targeting fashion consumers. In addition, every phone of Givori is prepared and covered by hand, and each item requires hours of work from the design idea to the positioning of each crystal, diamond, 24K gold, or authentic leather. The skilled design team comes from such varied fields as fine art, architecture, graphic design, jewelry and model-making. Let’s have a look at some models of Givori luxurious mobile phones as follows:


Givori Via Veneto luxury phones in leather shell and some bling


Givori Nefertiti Mobile Phone is a Gilded Mess


Givori in 18K gold


A Givori handset made of diamond and 24K gold


Givori luxurious cell phone is designed in flower patterns


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