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fa-18 hornet
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Image by San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
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Image from page 44 of “Handbook for motion picture and stereopticon operators” (1908)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: handbookformotio00jenk
Title: Handbook for motion picture and stereopticon operators
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Jenkins, C. Francis (Charles Francis), 1867-1934
Subjects: Motion Pictures Motion Picture Technology
Publisher: The Knega Company, inc.
Contributing Library: Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum
Digitizing Sponsor: Media History Digital Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
iformsource of light without intermittent motion or theuse of shutters. The two films are drawn beneaththe light together, the exposure is regulated byincreasing or decreasing the opening in the lid ofthe box or by placing the printer nearer or fartherfrom the light. Imperfect Registration. A trouble which causes more annoyance thanany other is imperfect registration of the picturesin the camera from faulty construction, either inthe camera or printer. It will readily be understood that if the film isnot advanced exactly the same distance before eachexposure—and it is readily discovered (when toolate, however) by observing that the little lines ofseparation between the pictures are not all alike(sometimes white, sometimes black)—no afterprocess can correct the error so as to secure steadypictures when projected upon the screen. But,given a perfect negative, the battle is more thanhalf won, for if the perforations are correct goodpositives ought to be secured. Operators Handbook 39

Text Appearing After Image:
40 Motion Picture A Cabinet Printer. A professional printing machine is similar to acamera fastened to a wall, that is a wall cabinet,at the right height so that the operator can beseated on a stool and look at the image seenthrough the positive film, with a ruby glass coverto prevent the escape of light into the room. Thusthe density can be watched and the speed can bechanged accordingly, or the light moved back orforward. This arrangement also permits of therapid and proper framing of the picture, just as inprojection. The film should run down loosely intoa tight receptacle below, a box or lined basket.There should be a feed-out sprocket for the nega-tive and one for the positive, to feed out a littleloop above the window, the same as in a projectingmachine, in order to make the work of the feedmechanism as light as possible, insure perfect reg-istration, and prevent damage to the holes in thefilm. The ordinary incandescent lamp is suitable,a 16- or 32-candlepower, according to the

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