Nikon Coolpix 5900 Digital Camera

Nikon is undoubtedly a leading manufacturer of high quality cameras in all classes.Since its inception, it has introduced hundreds of models of cameras laced with every new technology coming into the market.Its range of digital cameras is quite large and you choose one according to your choice.The CoolPix range of digital cameras from Nikon offers great features at affordable prices.

Nokon Coolpix 5900 is a decent camera within affordable prices.This 7.1 megapixel CoolPix 7900 is the great combination of state-of-the-art technology, speed, high quality and attractive design. This is an all-metallic camera which is very popular among the consumers.This Nikon camera is packed with features such as a large 2-inch LCD screen in the Coolpix lineup and new Face-priority AF features.Consumers who want to invest in style as well as functionality find this camera a perfect product.

It is easier to view images clearly on its big two inch LCD screen and correct them than on most consumer digital cameras.The Face-priority AF-Feature provide din this Nikon camera is very efficient as it captures your subject’s face in the frame when using the Portrait Scene Mode.The Face-priority feature automatically senses the presence of human face in the frame and ensures the crisp focus when shooting the portraits.This camera also has a red-eye features which helps automatically detect and corrects the red eyes in the most typical conditions. With this feature, you need not press button or select and select the eyes in the playback. This is possible due to the In-camera Red-Eye Fix™ technology in the camera.

With this camera, you need not worry about the balanced exposure and the sharpness of pictures as it makes use of an intelligent technology to ensure all these settings.In addition, there is feature called Blur warning that alerts the users when a shot is not that perfect or there is a disturbance by hand shake. This feature allows the user to take another shot without leaving the scene. Moreover, there is a new and exclusive feature called D-lighting that helps you take most beautiful shots even if you do not have much experience with photography.This camera offers four scene modes that feature Scene Assist and new underwater Scene mode.It makes total choice of scene modes up to 16.It has a waterproof Case WP-CP4; the Underwater Scene Mode enables true-to-life colors. This feature is useful when taking shots during water sports like snorkelling or scuba diving.

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