Slow Computer Speed?

Slow computer speed can be caused by a range of different issues within your computer. However, before you actually try and resolve the problem, it’s important that you know potential causes of the problem so that you’re able to solve it effectively.

Slow Computer Speed Potential Problems

Below is a summary of potential reasons that cause slow your computer speed. A quick summary of each reason is provided to help you realize if you’re experiencing any of these reasons.

Slow Speed Caused by Full Disk Space

If you’ve filled up your computer disk space with various software, music and video files, and other computer applications, then you may have caused your computer to run slow. Your computer needs extra disk space to run quickly, so you need to make sure you don’t fill up the disk space.

To free up disk space, you can simply remove old software from your computer. Go through your computer and figure out which software you don’t currently use. You should remove this software and be sure to only install software that you’re sure you’re going to use.

Slow Computer Caused by Spyware

Spyware is software that runs in the background of your computer. This can slowly fill up your computer’s memory, causing it to have a very slow speed.

Spyware is caused by untrusted websites you visit, files downloaded, or suspicious emails on your computer. In order to remove spyware, you need to check the computer for potential spyware and remove it from the system. In the future, be mindful about what websites you visits and emails that you open on your computer.

Slow Computer Speed Fixed by Reformatting the Computer

If your computer is running very slow, reformatting the computer will surely fix the problem. However, reformatting causes you to lose all of your data and software because it cleans off the entire machine.

Before pursuing any large effort to fix your computer, please be sure to know all the various solutions to fix slow computer speed.

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