Slow Computer Syndrome

How often do you feel like throwing your computer into your garbage bin? How often does it takes ages to download your favorite music or just loading from one site to another? This is called as “Slow Computer Syndrome”.

This is the most common problem of home PC for millions of people around the world. It could be due to various technical problems related to hardware or data corruption. A slow computer also frustrates most of the people on job, where timeliness is essential.


·   Most of the time if the computer registry is not clean, computer slows down. It might also freeze the computer making its usage almost impossible.

·   Other common reason is the presence of virus or a spy ware.

·   If the available space is not enough on the hard disk.

·   Other reasons are-

Unnecessary video settings, computer overheating, outdated or faulty drivers installed etc.

How to fix a slow computer?

·   By checking if the computer registry is clean or not. If not it should be cleaned by a registry cleaner.

·   Download a proper ANTIVIRUS and regular scanning should be done to fix a slow computer.

·   There should be minimum amount of FREE SPACE in the hard disk. It is recommended to have free space of at least 200-500MB and this allows the computer to store temporary files and also swap files.

·   Run Scan disk and it verifies that if there is anything physically wrong in the hard disk.

·   Make sure that the computer is not over heated while using.

·   If there is any problem with the windows (Windows XP or Windows 95/98) then delete all the files.

·   Clean up the hard disk when it is overloaded to provide VIRTUAL MEMORY.

·   Try to reinstall the Windows or Format the computer.