The Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters

You have a cell phone and now want to accessorize it with the latest cell phone technologies. You have already purchased a Bluetooth, so now the next big purchase on your list is a cell phone signal booster. Your cell carrier isn’t the best, and you’ve noticed that your reception could be clearer. You want more bars when you need them. Cell signal boosters are made to enhance the quality of your outgoing and incoming calls. You will have more bars, like up to two extra, and your cell range will be larger. When using a phone booster you will receive calls in areas that were not able to receive calls in before. In some cases using a booster also improved the sound quality of calls.

Most cells work better when you’re on the road, or outside, and not inside a building or home. Cell mobile signal boosters are made especially for your vehicle. The booster includes an antenna which is to be mounted on the roof or outside the window of your car. Mobile systems cost around $ 300, and are worth every penny. The antenna receives the signal and feeds it into the amplifier, which is connected to your phone via a cable. This way when you are traveling out of your area, you may be able to still receive calls. Your calls won’t be dropped as easy either.

There are also cell signal boosters for inside your home or office. There are two kinds of in-building signal boosters on the market. The first type is a roof mounted antenna that is connected to an amplifier, which then beams the amplified signal to an area of your home or office wirelessly. There is no physical connection required to your phone. The second type of cell phone signal booster is similar but the amplifier has its own antenna built in, and can be mounted outdoors or indoors on a window. Both types of these in-building boosters cost around $ 500.

When purchasing your phone signal booster makes sure you have the right type of cell that will work with the booster you choose. You can go online to research the quality of booster manufacturers to ensure you make the right choice to fit your needs. Wilson Electronics and Zboost are both excellent companies that offer competitive prices. Zboost is a bit lower in prices than Wilson, but their product line is just as good as Wilson’s. You can purchase your cell phone signal booster, online, at a cell phone store, or electronics store.

If you are looking for a new cell phone signal booster you might want to first see that your cell is charged well with any cell phone chargers. This might be the reason why you loose signal all the time, since you have a weak battery.

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