The Sony LCD Television is Going Green

When other companies are making the most of advanced technology and systems to create power hungry multi-functioned appliances, the Sony LCD television is going Green. Leading the way in the campaign to save the environment, industry leader Sony is leading the green revolution with the introduction of the Greenovation campaign to come up with ecologically friendly home and entertainment appliances including LCD televisions.

Even industry competitors have to agree that Sony is still recognized as the last word for high quality and state of the art LCD televisions. Sony Bravia LCD Televisions are currently reputed for their crystal clear and pristine image quality and creative video processing. Sony has continually led the way in the manufacture of device enhancements that helps to save energy and be ecologically friendly.

The specialty of the Sony Full HD LCD TV is the Picture Frame Mode which makes this a beauty when turned off, especially since you can display the digital pictures in this television screen when not in use, making it one of the worlds best when it comes to innovation and technology.

The television set also switches to power Management stand-by mode when it does not receive a signal from the computer for more than 30 seconds. Another cutting edge technology is the Light Sensor, which is incorporated in most of the Sony Eco-TV LCD television series. The Light Sensor technology helps to adjust the television’s backlight settings according to the lighting conditions in the room, which helps save energy and enhances viewing comfort.

With power requirements of about 128 Watts in operational mode and 0.15 Watts in standby mode, the Sony Bravia LCD TV is the perfect choice if you are in the market for an elegant hi-performance energy-efficient LCD television.

Connectivity is good with 4 HDMI inputs, USB 2.0, composite video connection, connection, component video connection, S-Video, headphone socket and helps to make easier connections to your PS3 or PC. The Sony is therefore equally good as a PC monitor and is excellent for handling graphic-intensive video games.

It does not end there, the DLNA Certified Screen of the Sony Brava TV allows one to data-stream inside a home network without the hassles and makes digital playback and sharing more easy, reliable and pleasurable.
With its power packed features, the Sony Bravia series sports a sleek and smooth design compared to its competitors.

Now you can see why the Sony LCD television is going green and is leading the way for others to follow.

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