Tv Scramble To Enter Into Led Tv Led China The Largest Market-led Tv, Color Tv Giants – Household

In the last 51 Little Golden Week, in the face
Sony , Sharp, Samsung and other foreign brands in the forefront of targeted urban markets, lower prices, Skyworth, Hisense,

Changhong And other domestic brands continued to maintain a substantial increase, LED backlight LCD TV (hereinafter “LED TV”) is the largest bright spot. Come from

States United States And Suning a second-tier cities, statistics show that although the traditional CCFL LCD slashed prices but

Sell Accounting has dropped by more than 40%, while just less than a year LED LCD market has made more than 150% growth. Among them, more than 25% of Skyworth LED Integrated LED market share to become the first brand in China.

Understand industry trends DisplaySearch market research agency has baked to a recent report that global TV shipments in the last year the global LED backlight LCD TV shipments on the basis of 3.6 million units this year with LED backlight module prices continue to fall, LED backlit LCD TV shipments expected to reach 35 million units, accounting for 180 million LCD TV sets of 20%.

Is pushing for domestic LED LCD TV
TV Giant, the report data looks a little conservative, because in the Chinese market prices of LCD and LED are gradually gain share of the overwhelming advantages of CCFL.

Skyworth China Marketing Center executive vice president, told reporters SUN, LED backlit LCD TV in slim, energy-saving technologies and full high-definition has obvious advantages, its cost is already far more than CCFL LCD, but the price gap between the two sides will gradually reduce, which is fast to promote the popularity of LED backlit LCD main reason.

And this echoes the Displaysearch Hsieh, vice president of Greater China, “said the first quarter of this year, 40-inch LED backlight module with the same dimensions from the CCFL spreads also fell on the quarter, 140 dollars to 100 dollars this year Spread the bottom of both sides will drop to 40 dollars more or less. “

Clearly, the upstream price adjustment for the upper LED to create the conditions for rapid, in China, Beijing, Guangzhou and other first tier cities, many consumers choose more cost-effective direct LED backlight LCD TV, China has become the LED LCD TV largest market.

Mid-April this year, Skyworth and other domestic color TV giants have started to launch nationwide a new round of LED backlit LCD sales battle, 46-inch LED backlight domestic mainstream LCD TV prices have fallen to 8999 yuan, which CCFL backlight for a price of LCD TVs has been Forced prices continue to decline. In the May 1 Golden Week, the price of a small battle, LED LCD CCFL LCD to replace the trend is clear.

Hsieh told reporters that “the development of the global TV industry trend, in the liquid crystal on

CRT Alternative near the end of the need to update the technology appear to move up the added value of television product, LED backlight technology is from the current view is the easiest way. “

Low vertical integration Fact, including LCD TVs, including LED LED industry is currently the hottest area of investment, in October last year, relevant departments of the State Development and Reform Commission issued the “semiconductor

Illumination Energy industry views “, the domestic LED from the downstream application package to the upper reaches of the chip, substrate materials, the investment into the hot stage.

In the development of public opinion less than six months, including three security optoelectronics, BDO Runda, wave, Tsinghua Tongfang, including more than 60 billion yuan of the total size of more than LED in the upper reaches of investment plans were introduced, and the world Four LED chip makers have begun to U.S. Career invest in upstream plant in Huizhou.

For China LED LCD TV industry, the means Skyworth TV giants such as domestic and Japanese and Korean brands will have the same external resources.

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