Using A Digital Camera

Digital Cameras Popularity, more and more impact on people’s lives, birthdays, family gatherings, going out Travel … … Digital camera with its convenient, fast and other advantages enjoyed by the people in here to provide some digital camera tips so that you can use it to record a better life, bit by bit.


LCD Application

Is behind almost all digital cameras have a LCD Liquid crystal Screen, it provides a good preview that allows you to precisely control camera angles and image position. But be sure not be too dependent on it, because while it provides a specific image, but its resolution is not high, so I saw on the LCD picture quality, and will not be equal to the actual output image quality, and open the LCD screen power consumption, the equivalent of three times is not open, so as not necessary to best use it less.

White balance control

The sensitive CCD digital camera capabilities, not the same as the traditional film camera, shooting out of the same human eyes to see color, which is when so-called?? Color cast, to eliminate the color cast, we must adjust the light balance, also known as?? White balance, White Balance Adjustment model digital cameras usually have auto, daylight, fluorescent lamps and light bulbs of four models. Although you can turn to auto white balance mode, but not necessarily under any lighting can achieve good results, so normally it should have tried various models under different light the use of acquired experience, naturally you can take out a satisfactory work.

Shutter and aperture matching

Generally have higher sensitivity of digital cameras, indoor photography, it is usually only the brightness of a fluorescent light, enough to capture a clear digital photo camera, so do not have to use the flash, while some of the more Advanced digital camera also features EV value adjustment features. The so-called EV value adjustment is that you can in a digital camera, the camera more or less forced the brightness of light, so that advantage that we can not use flash in the circumstances (such as museums, nocturnal hall, or at close range), or through light situation (such as the sun, close-up shots or the face of metal, Glass Pm) can still capture clear images.

Usually more high-end digital camera, also the same as the traditional camera with aperture priority and shutter priority adjustment mode, if you want to show the depth of field shooting things, it must be narrow aperture, shutter slow down some, this way, regardless of is a rear view of the prospects and performance are equally clear.

Shutter button

Digital camera shutter key and traditional cameras with no any different, just press the shutter button you can take pictures, but some have auto focus and auto flash for digital cameras, it is a two-stage shutter button, and Press the focus and metering begins the first paragraph, second paragraph until the press when the film is real, so when you get a digital camera, the best to determine the shutter button, in the end is a section or two of so that took a whole day also no good photo photo. Pressing the shutter

addition, one more thing to note is that in the absence of sufficient light to use, because the sensitivity of digital camera metering quite high, when in poor lighting, to improve the brightness, the camera will automatically reduce shutter speed, to increase the exposure time, then if the user slightly shaking the camera, photos must be taken out of the dim one, so in the absence of sufficient light when shooting hand must be in a fairly stable state If circumstances permit, then best to use a tripod to achieve the best stability.

The use of flash timing

The vast majority of people think that photo, only in low-light situations, only need to open the flash, there are many cases also need to, for instance, when shooting backlit, without using flash, it will surface caused by the color of dark shot, but the background lights are too bright conditions, so the flash must be turned into a compulsory mode, so to achieve uniform lighting effect. Indoors or at night remember to flash when shooting portraits turned into a red-eye reduction mode, so you do not like shooting a bunch of pictures of supernatural occurrences, like rabbits, although you can use Computer Software remove red eye.

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