Wrist Watch Cell Phones

Dick Tracy must have had a keen eye in the 1930’s, always staying informed with his wrist watch full of amazing features.  Whether communicating with Headquarters, or using it as a locator, the technology of the thirties, has now transformed into our today.  Cell phones, MP3 players, wireless internet and more is at the touch of a button on a wrist watch cellular phone.

What could be more fascinating than calling friends and family from your wrist watch?  Downloading great music, and checking your email is also possible with these new gadgets.  Also a great addition, is the fact that it is attached to your wrist!  Everyone abhors that moment when they reach deep into their pocket or purse to realize their cellular phone is missing in action.  Now, it is as easy as strapping your cell phone on at the beginning of each day, and never having to worry about misplacing it.

Wrist watch cellular phones have several repetitive features, to that of hand-held cellular phones.  Although, its convenience is what seems to be selling these new products around the globe.  Here are some of the top selling wrist watch phone features, out in stores today:

Voice Recorders:  Some of these assisting gadgets contain a voice recorder.  Did you forget where you parked in the mall parking lot?  Perhaps you need to remember to pick up milk and eggs at the grocery store?  At the click of a button, it is easy to speak into your wrist watch and record a message to be heard by you at a later time or date.

Bluetooth Capabilities:  In being able to exchange music, voice recordings, or data with friends at a close distance, it becomes easier to get the information you need.  Bluetooth is now a regular necessity on hand-held cellular phones, so most all phone providers are including this capability on their new wrist watch technology.

USB Charging:  As opposed to wrist watch cell phones requiring a battery to be placed in the back of the face, they run on energy supported by USB charging.  Using the same USB cord necessary for computer and other cellular phone devices, a wrist watch phone can be charged overnight, or immediately, on the go.

Video Conferencing:  Some watch phones are now carrying cameras.  This then allows for one or more individuals to visually interact while also talking to each other.  Just as on hand-held cellular phones this feature is becoming more and more popular.

Color Touchscreens:  In getting used to iPods, iPads, celluar phones, etc, all having touch screens, it is not a surprise that wrist watch cells are including the same feature.  Some in black, white and grey, and some in color, these tiny touch screens allow for easy access to tools, personalization settings and getting the information you need.

The new wrist watch cellular phones are being sold worldwide, in different varieties, colors, and holding different features with each carrier.  It’s a personal preference as to whether strapping on or grabbing onto your cellular phone is the right choice for you.  Although, the world of technology always welcomes new and improved angles to our everyday necessary gadgets.

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